Prince Harry is familiar with the hardships faced by people in Lesotho

Warning: this has absolutely nothing to do with France. But I’ve had a very stressful week and this post is helping.

Yesterday, the BBC reported that Prince Harry was back in Lesotho for some “charity” projects, which is all fine and dandy (I’m not going to get into the trend of celebrities each claiming their little corner of Africa – but you should check out this map). Up until the point where they say:

The prince is familiar with the hardship that many young people in Lesotho have to face.

As means of a quick background, approximately 23% of the population of Lesotho has HIV/AIDS, life expectancy is at 51 years old (some actually say it’s much lower, at 34), and there is a whole movement of people who would prefer it if Lesotho just became part of South Africa because the situation is just so crap. South Africa is understandably reluctant.

So I made this meme:


I feel better already.


Stats from: CIA World Factbook