I’ll be continually adding links to websites, blogs, articles, and other fun stuff (in English and French) that are related to France’s foreign policy on this page. The books and academic articles are very much focused on Africa as they are taken from my previous academic work. Please keep checking for updates.

French Government Sources

Ministry of Defense Website, in French and English (English versions of French government websites usually have much less information than the French versions)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website, in French and English (English versions of French government websites usually have much less information than the French versions)

National Assembly, Commission on Foreign Affairs, in French (The English version of the site is available here but has very little information)

News in English

Le Monde Diplomatique, English edition

News in French

Jeune Afrique – completely up to date news on Africa, including in-depth analysis, opinion pieces and updates on a number of issues relevant to French foreign policy.

Le Monde

Le Monde Diplomatique, French edition


Blogs in English

La Jeune Politique – blog (which could have also been listed under News) on French politics (both foreign and domestic policy)

Blogs in French

Les blogs du Diplo – opinion pieces written by contributors to the Monde Diplomatique

Lignes de Defenses – blog (under the umbrella of Ouest-France, one of France’s daily newspapers) focused on security and foreign policy

Lui Président – blog (under the umbrella of the “les blogs du Monde”) tracking and commenting on French President Francois Hollande’s campaign promises (both domestic and foreign policy)

Un regard averti sur l’Algerie et le monde – very well written blog with a focus on the Maghreb and the Sahel, which occasionally touches on French foreign policy in relation to those regions.


Chafer, Tony. “The End of Empire in French West Africa” (New York: Berg, 2002)

Charbonneau, Bruno. “France and the New Imperialism: Security Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa” (Ashgate, 2008)

Glaser, Antoine & Stephen Smith. “Sarko en Afrique” (Paris: Plon, 2008)

Utley, Rachel. “The French Defence Debate: Consensus and Continuity in the Mitterand Era” (New York: St. Martin’s Press, Inc., 2000)

Verschave, François-Xavier. “La Françafrique: Le plus long scandale de la République” (Paris : Editions Stock, 1998)

Academic Articles

Chafer, Tony. “Chirac and ‘la Francafrique’: No Longer a Family Affair” Modern & Contemporary France 13.1 (February 2005) 7-23.

Chafer, Tony. “French African Policy in Historical Perspective” Journal of Contemporary African Studies 19.2 (2001) 165-182.

Charbonneau, Bruno. “Dreams of Empire: France, Europe, and the new Interventionism in Africa” Modern & Contemporary France 16.3 (August 2008) 279-295.

Utley, Rachel. “Franco-African Military Relations: Meeting the Challenges of Globalisation?” Modern & Contemporary France 13.1 (February 2005) 25-40.

Utley, Rachel. ” ‘Not to Do Less but to Do Better …’: French Military Policy in Africa” International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1944-) 78.1 (January 2002) 129-146.

–Last updated 24 March 2013–


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